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Written by Andrew Lomar   
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 12:35

Although mechanical calculating machines have existed for many centuries, the computers in the modern sense did not appear until the mid-twentieth century, when the first electronic computers were built. They had a considerable size of the premises and consuming hundreds of times more energy than today's personal computers (PC), and at the same time have a billion times less computing power. The definition also fit your device to convert the values ​​represented by the size of the constant (voltage or electric current). Programming involves determining the signal processing circuit switches, and optionally determining the constants using potentiometers.


Panasonic TX-P42g15b

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Written by Andrew Lomar   
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 00:00

It's fair to say this generation of Panasonic TV's has had a bit of a rough ride, with model after model garnering lukewarm verdicts. We're sorry to say that the TX-P42G15B continues the trend.

It does kick off with a rather exciting specification, though. It boasts not only Freesat, but 600Hz sub field drive motion processing, internet connectivity and network streaming via its ethernet socket, as well as four HDMIs. It's one of Panasonic's high-end. NeoPDP plasma panels, too.

Impressive black levels

That panel certainly has its benefits. Play The hurt Locker on Blu-Ray and its recreation of blacks lends extra foreboding to the night-drenched streets of Iraq as the soldiers search for bombs. The Pana's insight means we see virtually everything, and when they open fire, muzzle flashes are realistically bright and punchy.

It's not all good news, though. Even on the "cool" setting, colors are warmer than they should be, with a touch of pink to whites tones.

Generally speaking, this isn't unpleasant, but on occasion it can add an unnatural vividness to skin tones. The other disappointment is that its 600Hz processing makes so little difference to motion: it's decent, but not as stable as the best on test.

Detail levels are marginally lower than the best when playing a Blu-ray, but the gap widens when you switch to standard-definition DVD the characters and sets of Funny People look a touch on the soft side, expecially in comparison with the Samsung. 

Having said that, the picture is certainly clean and stable, and black levels continue to impress.

When it comes to the Freesat and Freeview tuners, the result is as we'd expect: there's not much to choose between the two. A little extra control alongside HD content will ensure those with a satellite will opt for Freesat, but both tuners are respectable, if a bit over-exposed in colors  when pushed.

Like the rest of the performance, the Panasonic's sound is reasonable, if unexciting.  And, that's the best way to sum this TV up:  it won't annoy you, but it won't excite you too much, either. Panasonic fans will be hoping the company's next generation puts them back among the class leaders.


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Written by Andrew Lomar   
Monday, 15 October 2012 00:00
When trying to get a handle on which is the best LCD TV out of the available brands and models it is important to ask yourself the better question of what is the best television for you. Since, LCD technology has pretty much made all the LCD TVs out there great quality and values wise, the question becomes kind of subjective. What the best is for you will be different than the best for others. It’s a matter of your specific situation really. All of these televisions offer compact cases with maximum viewing area and come in a myriad of sizes regardless of manufacturer and the pricing of LCD TV has come into line with that of other TV technologies.  It is not easy to determine what the best of these TVs are although many have their opinions including LCD TV reviewers. Reviewers test TVs with a variety of criterion including screen size, image quality, value etc. And, often they have to split hairs because most of the LCD TVs available are very good. For the sake of argument though let’s look at what most reviewers consider to be the best LCD TV units on the market. We’ll pick two out of the best out of the many choices there are out there. It should be of no surprise that a choice of many reviewers as the best LCD TV would be Sony’s Bravia model. Sony has dominated the TV market for over fifty years and is often synonymous with the word TV. Reviewers found the Sony Bravia KDL-55XBR8 to be absolutely one of the best LCD TVs available calling it the new champion of the super heavy weight flat panel LCD TV choices. Another not so surprising pick of reviewers and consumers alike was Samsung’s HL61A750 which has been hailed as a practical choice for customers looking for a huge screen without sacrificing image quality. These models are both considered to be great choices for your LCD TV needs and promise to provide superior picture quality and many years of reliable use. Whichever you find to be the best LCD TV one thing is for certain, you will be astounded with how far television technology has come and are in for the viewing treat of a lifetime. Remember, also that besides being convenient and superior picture wise, LCD TV displays can be used with other machines like computers too.
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