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Best Tips to Buying an LCD TV

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009 09:24

LCD TVs, LCD (light crystal display) TVs are constructed of a thin layer of liquid crystals sandwiched between two plates made of glass. LCD monitor could produce 16.7 Million of colors which makes even the tiniest hues detected. They are sleekly designed and built for them to be able to occupy lesser space. They are light weight too which makes transportation easier , LCD screens are now the most popular screens for computers and are quickly gaining in popularity as television screens. LCD TV Features The best LCD TVs have the following features: Super sharp picture - LCD TVs have almost twice the clarity of tube TVs and are now comparable in clarity to plasma TVs. Watching an HD (high definition) program on an LCD TV is like looking at a scene through a window. The only problem is that buying a new TV can be very expensive, so you should follow these tips to avoid making mistakes whilst buying one. 1. Tips is to never buy a used TV. Why ? because, These probably won’t have warranty and you don’t know how long they will work for. 2. High Definition TV will be ”everywhere” soon. This means that there is no point in purchasing a non-HD TV because you won’t be able to use High Definition when it is released everywhere. 3. Buying an LCD TV is to not just compare the prices of TV. You need to look into more details about the TV - Such as the screen size and the brand name. How to Get the Best Price on an LCD TV? About buying an LCD TV not just cheap lcd tv from and unknown store, this website gives you consumer reviews of the store so you can find out if they’re reputable and if they’ll give good service.

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