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Haier LCD TV, wireless even about power transmission

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Friday, 05 February 2010 16:20

Haier has presented the first 32-inch LCD TV completely wireless. It is not only capable of receiving audio / video signals wireless, but also powering at a distance. In practice, thanks to WiTricity wireless transmission technology, developed by MIT, each cable has been eliminated. "It works by means of non-radiation magnetic resonance coupling, the resonance arising from the connection between objects electromagnetic transmitters and receivers that vibrate at the same frequency are able to transfer electricity wireless" the statement said.

Haier TV wireless 
"Regarding the security associated with this technology is important to know that this new television does not emit radiation and to meet international standards FCC, IEEE and American standards 3C. This technology also negates the risks associated with connecting your TV to a power outlet" .

Haier wireless video 
As for the audio / video, however, Haier chose the WHDI wireless transmission technology
of Amimon that allows to connect a TV to a video camera high definition signals to 1080p, 1080i, 720p high-definition and other signals on a 5GHz band. The coverage is approximately 30 meters.

Haier Wireless power
"The signal can also be transmitted to more than a television receiver at the same time using a transmitter, which allows for example, to watch the same movie in different rooms of the house, without the obligation to fit any television with a DVD player Blu-ray. Television is also equipped with a wireless card for easy access to the Internet."

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cynthia  - Buy Haier wireliess   | |2010-05-09 06:18:49
Where can buy the Haier wireless tv. I have searched and have found a place.
Can you buy one?
Thank you

Andrew Lomar  - Patience   | |2010-05-09 10:43:38
Haier wireless tv is just a prototype for now, I think. You can try to look
on Amazon
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