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Monday, 29 December 2008 12:58
LCD technology has certainly come a long way since its introduction into the consumer market back in the 1970’s. If you you’re old enough to remember LCD’s debut into the marketplace, you will remember that LCD replaced a lot of LED displays in devices such as watches and calculators. Back then this technology was relegated to black and white displays because color didn’t arrive on the scene until the early 1990’s. Now these products are everywhere. Your computer monitor or laptop display the control panels in your car, it seems just about everything has a LCD display. LCD has taken over as one of the premier display technologies. It has also become very affordable. There is good reason why LCD has become so popular. Because of the technological advancements over the years, LCD displays have become thinner and more energy efficient than other types of displays making them highly desirable for many different applications. They are perfect for laptop computers and desktop monitors because of their compactness and efficient use of energy. It takes very little power to operate these types of displays. The definition LCD displays offer is truly amazing and continues to get better with each new generation of displays. But, where LCD has made the biggest splash is television. Almost everywhere you go people are talking about LCD TV. The advancements in this technology as far as television displays go has been amazing and has totally changed the way people watch TV. Because of the light weight and energy efficiency of LCD. People are able to have much bigger displays with many more options of where to put them. It’s not uncommon to see many different LCD displays throughout someone’s house. The compactness of these TVs means they can be easily moved from one place to another. No more back breaking trips up and down the stairs like with old school TV’s. LCD TV has truly changed the landscape of TV displays. The bright colors and crisp images provided by this technology are second to none. You feel like you are literally in the picture. The viewing is astounding and now with HDTV available, LCD offers a truly unique and dramatic TV experience. The benefits of owning one of these TVs should be obvious, they are compact, light weight, and provide the utmost in clarity and sharpness. It’s time to 86 that old TV and get into an LCD TV.
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Sally   | |2010-04-21 11:35:51
i heard that crystal liquid tvs after a few years become very very bright and
they should only be thrown out on that condition, can anyone tell me is that
Barry   | |2010-05-18 10:44:29
i think its true but they can be maybee fixed
edward f.   | |2010-05-18 10:53:15
its not like thay would have to be thrown out, you wouldnt notice the diferences
very much, you sorta get used to it until you see a perfectly working tv
erwin   | |2010-05-18 11:40:18
no that cant be fixed because the problem is within the tv and its about the
Burke   | |2010-05-18 11:46:06
I believe this is just an urban legend, this would not be explained by
Anonymous  - re:   | |2010-05-17 10:05:30
Sally wrote:
i heard that crystal liquid tvs after a few years become very very bright
and they should only be thrown out on that condition, can anyone tell
me is that true?

yes i heard that too, but i think its not true, why would they become
that bright?
S1M0N3   | |2010-05-17 20:24:47
after sum years any tv wud get bright
garry   | |2010-05-18 10:56:27
thats because the crystals move and they lose their quality
smith  - re: re:   | |2010-05-17 10:22:14
Anonymous wrote:
Sally wrote:
i heard that crystal liquid tvs after a few years become very very bright
and they should only be thrown out on that condition, can anyone tell
me is that true?

yes i heard that too, but i think its not true, why would they become
that bright?

let me tell you why, crystal liquid tvs display the picture because of
liquid crystals. After a few years, the liquid crystals worsen, they
become brighter and brighter and therefore, the display will be
workingbee123   | |2010-05-17 17:16:24
thank you, i always thought that way too, i did some research a while ago and i
came to this conclusion but noone agreed with me, now I know that at least there
is someone to agree with me
shpretka   | |2010-05-17 19:08:24
that and most plasma tvs are powered by liquid crystals so plasmas have a
tendency to display the pic badly in a few years
T. Mousse   | |2010-05-17 20:11:40
LCD monitors are perfect, thats true. But they also cost a lot !
Burke   | |2010-05-18 11:46:26
It's not that they cost a lot, most of them are affordable.
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