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BUY LCD TV & PC MONITORS: the best buy

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Written by Andrew Lomar   
Monday, 08 October 2012 00:00

Before we determine if to buy lcd is the best buy, we need to explain what LCD is: a thin panel, capable of displaying

HDTV, cable or satellite, regular TV, and home video. It works also for computer as flat screen monitor. In fact, it can accept any video format.

Because of the high resolution of LCD televisions and computer monitors, text and graphics look especially sharp when viewed on them, so to buy lcd is the best solution for displaying movies, data, web-based content and videogames.

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Because of the high resolution of LCD televisions and computer monitors, text and graphics look especially sharp when viewed on them, so to buy lcd is the best solution for displaying movies, data, web-based content and videogames.

You can expect to buy LCD TVs or computer monitors and use it in its full capacity for many years: the average lifespan of one of these displays is 60,000 hours. That means with normal viewing habits of, say, 8 hours per day, the lifespan of LCD you buy is about 20 years! LCD TV is a flat screen monitor that utilizes the same basic Liquid Crystal Display technology that has been used for some time in cell phones, camcorder viewfinders, and computer monitors.

LCD panels are made of two layers of a glass-like material, which are polarized, and are glued together. One of the layers is coated with a special polymer that holds the individual liquid crystals. Electric current is then passed through individual crystals, which allow the crystals to pass or block light to create images. Liquid crystals don’t produce their own light, so an external light source like a fluorescent bulb is needed for the image created by the flat screen monitor to be visible to the viewer. Unlike standard "CRT monitor" and "Plasma", there are no phosphors that light up, so lcd televisions are thin and require less power to operate.
Because of the nature of LCD technology, there is no radiation emitted from the screen itself, unlike with picture-tube televisions. Also, since they don’t need a picture tube, LCD TV can be made very thin, allowing them to be mounted on a wall or placed on small stand on top of a table, desk, dresser, or cabinet.



Mostly the high definition (HD) models – have the very good picture quality most consumers want in the largest LCD televisions. Viewing angles are improved, and many new models display a better image from off-center than older models did.
Prices continue to decrease. The widest lcd televisions have been very expensive in the past, costing more than comparably-sized plasma sets, but prices are forecast to drop by 25 to 30 percent in the near future. So now is the best time to buy LCD sets. Shop for the best Samsung LCD TV deals so you can upgrade your home theater with a great new picture. The best LCD TVs don't have to be expensive as there are discounts available.

LCD TELEVISIONS: features and rating
  • Screen Size
    LCD sizes start in the widest range. Typically 13 to 65 are the most common but some manufacturers offer LCD displays in up to 100 sizes.

  • Contrast/Brightness
    LCD TVs are most versatile, and look better, in the typical viewing situations because they do not reflect light like some TV screens do. Because LCD TVs are backlit they naturally block outside light in order to create blacks and therefore fare better in natural lighting situations.

  • Viewing Angle
    LCD TVs have viewing angles of a few more degrees than Plasma. A typical LCD viewing angle is 175 degrees. That means you can view the picture from, dead center, up to 87 degrees on either side (just about any angle).

  • Screen Thickness
    LCD screens can be as little as 2 deep. This gives more options for placement including wall and ceiling mounting.

  • Life Span
    Life span for TVs are measured in half life hours (50% of original brightness). Most LCD TVs have a half life of over 30,000 hours (16 years of viewing at 6 hours per day).

  • Pixel Quality (or burn-in)
    Newer technology LCD TVs do not have a problem with burn-in. But sometimes still have a ghosting effect because of abnormal pixel charge.

  • Durability
    LCDs are fairly durable sets, weigh less than Plasmas and are easier to install or mount than plasmas.

  • High Altitude
    High altitudes do not affect LCD TVs .

  • Shipping
    LCD TVs are fairly simple to ship. They are lighter than standard TVs . So expect to pay less for shipping with a LCD TV.

  • Prices
    LCD TVs are very economical to operate because they require little if no maintenance and when buying screens less than 35 are fairly reasonable in cost.




LCD monitors have lots of advantages, compared to standard CRTs. These traits entice millions of consumers to make of LCD monitors a best buy every year:


  • Uses Less Power. LCDs also produce less heat, which means less load on air conditioning.

  • Takes up less space. LCD monitors are small, thin, and weigh less.

  • Highly adjustable. Many LCD models can be rotated 90 degrees, allowing you to view websites in portrait mode. LCDs can also be mounted on the wall or on an arm.

  • No flicker. LCDs don't have lines that need to be scanned like in CRTs. No flicker = a lot less eye strain. Another very good reason to buy an LCD.

  • Less glare. Due to the material of the LCD screen, less light is reflected at the user. Same with "no flicker", this results in less eye strain.

  • Brightness. LCD monitors are brighter than the traditional CRTs.

  • Less distortion. Using a direct digital input from the graphics card produces cleaner 'output'. The monitor's perfect geometry means images aren't distorted, which makes it a best buy for graphic designers and the like.


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