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Monday, 29 December 2008 13:01
LCD TV sets have taken the television market by storm. It seems not too long ago that all the buzz was about plasma screens. Not anymore. LCD TV is the new thing and with very good reason. The advancement in LCD technology over the last ten years has made LCD displays truly incredible. LCD technology hit the consumer market in the 1970’s with black and white displays on watches, calculators and alarm clocks. You could also find them on machinery as control displays and in cars as well. LCD has certainly come a long way since then. Back then LCD took over LED as the primary display for electronics. That is kind of like what LCD TV displays are doing to plasma now. Slowly this technology is taking the place of plasma for a lot of the same reasons it knocked LED to the sidelines. LCD TV displays offer attractive core features such as their lightweight, energy efficiency and extreme clarity of picture. LCD has also become price competitive making LCD an attractive TV option. These core benefits have always made LCD attractive. If you are into TV, you will absolutely love LCD TV. The rear projection chassis of LCD TV makes the picture on an LCD screen clear and bright no matter what your lighting situation is. Plasma TVs can lose a bit of their clarity in high or low light situations. With LCD TV your picture will be fantastic no matter where you place the display. That right there is a great benefit to LCD. Because of the choice in sizes and their lightweight, displays can be placed anywhere with wild abandon. Your TV no longer has to be the dominant feature in your room, well unless you want it to be! In it only within the last few years that LCD TV has offered large screen TV displays to consumers, but they have done so with true gusto and have become the next big thing in TV. The benefits LCD TV offers speak for themselves. There is however, another very interesting and important feature LCD offers. You can use your LCD TV for multiple uses on different machines. Your display can be hooked up to your desk top or laptop computer giving you additional entertainment options. The configurations for LCD are endless and limited only by your imagination and entertainment desires. LCD TV is the TV of the future.
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Jack F.  - Good   | |2009-01-17 20:03:44
I just bought an lcd tv sets and it's amazing to watch the same things in such a
different manner, respect
edward f.   | |2010-05-18 10:51:45
i like it very much too, they make you feel different, better
Sally   | |2010-04-21 11:34:08
lcd tvs rock so much. i love them cause theyre cheap, high quality and better
than plasma tvs.
Burke   | |2010-05-18 11:47:18
Plasmas are not that common anymore and they had it coming for so many years.
Yvette   | |2010-05-17 10:02:23
i agree when you say that lcds have taken the market, i actually know only four
people who still have a classic tv and i know many people!
Barry   | |2010-05-18 10:43:51
lol u actually know 4 people? i know none
Sarah  - re:   | |2010-05-17 10:07:46
Yvette wrote:
i agree when you say that lcds have taken the market, i actually know only
four people who still have a classic tv and i know many people!

of course !!! I was thjinking of the same thing before, and I know only
one family, plus their classic tv is very good too !!
garry   | |2010-05-18 10:58:32
do they have a very classic tv? i just recently switched to an lcd and i still
have a "classic" tv and i didnt throw it out i put it on the other room
its still so good
smith   | |2010-05-17 10:23:11
I forgot all about LEDs, youre right, theyre not present anymore, I dunno if
they produce them
workingbee123  - re:   | |2010-05-17 17:14:40
yes, they produce them, i saw some models but they are not present
shpretka   | |2010-05-17 19:17:03
LOL LEDs I have never actually seen any in my whole life!
Petra   | |2010-05-18 11:21:52
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