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Tuesday, 05 May 2009 14:07

The Mitsubishi Group, Mitsubishi Group of Companies, or Mitsubishi Companies is a Japanese conglomerate consisting of a range of autonomous businesses which share the Mitsubishi brand, trademark and legacy. The Mitsubishi group of companies form a loose entity, the Mitsubishi Keiretsu, which is often referenced in US and Japanese media and official reports; in general these companies all descend from the zaibatsu of the same name. A keiretsu is a common feature of Japanese corporate governance and refers to a collaborative group of integrated companies with extensive share crossholdings, personnel swaps and strategic co-operation. The top 25 companies are also members of the Mitsubishi Kin'yōkai, or "Friday Club", and meet monthly. The Committee is meant to facilitate communication and access of the brand through a portal web site. The address of TV's company is

2008/2009 Mitsubishi LCD Models

Mitsubishi 148 Series

The Mitsubishi 148 Series features a 1080p, 120Hz panel. The ultra thin bezel on the LT-52148, LT-46148 and LT-40148 gives the TVs a very nice look and 4 HDMI Inputs means you'll never run out of places to plug components in.
Mitsubishi LT-40148, Mitsubishi LT-46148, Mitsubishi LT-52148

Mitsubishi 246 Diamond Series

The 246 is Mitsubishi's Diamond lineup of LCD TVs. The LT-52246 and LT-46246 are 1080p, 120Hz LCDs with Mitsubishi's exclusive Full Spectrum Color technology. Color 4D Noise Reduction, PerfectColor and PerfectTint technologies enhance the picture quality while 4 HDMI 1.3 inputs allow you to plug in plenty of things to provide that picture.
Mitsubishi LT-46246, Mitsubishi LT-52246


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