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Sony XEL-1 with OLED Technology: the Challenge

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Monday, 02 February 2009 13:11
Sony XEL-1
Sony is the first manufacturer that comes out to the market with a television using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. The Sony XEL-1 type frames all the advantages offered by this technology: first of all the excellent image quality resulting from the self-emitting light system. 

Unlike the normal LCD televisions, requiring a back-light or a side light source, OLED screens shine of their own light. When a pixel is off, it actually looks black and the typical back-light slight dispersion effect does not appear. Furthermore, the difference between black and pure white (contrast) is huge: in the XEL-1 overcomes 1.000.000:1.

Such a contrast ensures perfectly realistic images, natural shadows and lights, wonderful colors and very well defined details.


Sony XEL-1


The 11 inches OLED screen can be viewed from any angle, with no loss of definition and gives a 1000 times faster response than normal LCD screens. That means moving pictures are extremely fluent and vivid, with no spot out of focus. It is the Fine Motion Picture processor that makes sure the quality on the screen is the highest while the Super Top Emission gives the final touch, diminishing the reflection of the room light and improving the color purity.

There is another great point in the absence of the back light, that is the screen can be unbelievably slim. Sony XEL-1 combines an extra flat 3 mm screen, with an innovative cantilever support coming out from the side. The result is a very special television that embodies deluxe high-tech.

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