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Plasma vs. LCD

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Written by Jennifer Applegate   
Monday, 29 December 2008 14:20
The common debate in the world of television these days is plasma vs. LCD and what is the better way to go. Well, it’s not real simple since both technologies provide almost the same results amazing color and crystal clear images, and a dizzying array of available sizes, but the truth is you are really taking about two competing technologies in which LCD seems to be winning the TV display war. They are technically very different technologies with LCD being rear projection style TV’s and plasma using natural gases which are excited by electric current to form the pixels that make up the picture on a plasma display. Despite the obvious technological difference the question of plasma vs. LCD becomes complicated even more by the fact that now LCD TV displays are available in larger sizes and have become competitive in pricing to plasma units. This really makes it a hard decision for consumers. In the past it was always about the picture and size. Now with the rapidly changing technologies of LCD and plasma size and picture are no longer an issue. You can have any size TV display with a picture that is truly unbelievable and only a few years ago would have seemed impossible. It certainly makes the argument of plasma vs. LCD a hard one to find a clear winner in, doesn’t it? In the past, plasma vs. LCD was an easier row to hoe. Plasma won every single time due to its advancement having taken place quicker than LCD. Plasma was sort of the new thing and gained popularity very quickly. It really was revolutionary in the TV market. When you think about the old school TV’s and their size and picture inferiority, it is hard to imagine a time when plasma didn’t exist. Well, now LCD has a gotten a very strong foothold in the TV world. So, what do you do when considering plasma vs. LCD? Since they both are so superior to old school TV tubes and projector units and provide energy efficient and convenient packages to choose from it could be a very hard decision. Then there is the cost, since they are about the same it’s really not a factor. Well then, how about this, consider that LCD TV displays can be used as display units for other machines like computers and projectors. Functionality could be the deciding factor.
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Free Beat  - i prefer..   | |2010-02-17 02:07:28
i prefer LCD mainly because it doesnt get any burn-in when left on a still image
for too long and i think gaming is also better, i find plasma to be too sharp
charline   | |2010-05-18 11:04:09
definitely lcd is better than any other tv for gaming, you wouldnt enjoy the
game thatmuch on a plasma
David Bargain  - Lcds are better   | |2010-02-17 20:47:52
I believe that LCD's are much better simply because of the last point you
made that they can be used as computer monitors and transferred
to other uses while a plasma can not. Sure a plasma may be great for a
few years but once it out lives its life span you cant transfer it to the
kids room or anything like that where as the LCD displays are being
done for just that right now. 

Also the pricing difference is still in
favor of LCD's for now. Last weekend I bought an older lcd tv at a garage sale for just $95.00 after negotiating. While the bulkier t.v.s are being given
samuel   | |2010-05-17 17:22:11

LCDs are also cheaper, thats one big
advatage and plus theyre so good, better... and only $95???
T. Mousse   | |2010-05-17 20:18:22
Of course $95, it's used and probably an old model, you cant ever settle down
with such a tv !
Gwen   | |2010-05-18 11:09:00
you cant ever find a good tv worth $95, probably by now you had to throw it out?
Ardi   | |2010-04-21 10:48:21
@David Bargain,

I agree with you, LCDs can be used more wisely and they
cost less, that's their beauty! It's also LCD for me all the way.
erwin   | |2010-05-18 11:41:52
for me too, for the same reasons, plasmas just dont have anything good,
billie   | |2010-04-21 20:27:52
i like this article very much but i think that you are leaning towards lcds,
plasmas are also good
workingbee123   | |2010-05-17 17:17:57
tell me one thing that makes them better..... i cant find any and i have a
plasma myself!
TwilightFan   | |2010-05-17 16:42:35
Exactly, LCDs come in different sizes, theyre cheaper, they display the picture
better. And plasmas? Nothing! There are so many things that make LCDs much much

????  - re:   | |2010-07-05 14:03:17
Gwen wrote:
you cant ever find a good tv worth $95, probably by now you had to throw it
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