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Wednesday, 22 April 2009 10:14

Founded in 1938, Samsung is currently the world's leading consumer electronics brand. The massive South Korean conglomerate entered the television market in 1972 and began making flat panel TVs in 1999. Samsung offers LCD monitors in the flat panel variety with sizes ranging from 15-46", and come in widescreen or standard aspect ratio. Most come with multimedia PC/DVD/TV Inputs. According to retailer links on their Web site, prices range between $500-8,000. Their flat panels are quite light as no model weighs over 100 pounds, but their thickness varies depending on use of the stand. On their 46" model - with stand the width is 16" and without the stand it's 6".

Type Public
Korea Exchange (005930, 005935),
GDRs at London (SMSN LI, SMSD),
GDRs at Luxemburg (SAMDR)
Founded 1969
Headquarters Flag of South KoreaSeocho Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea
Key people CEO: Lee Yoon-woo
Former Chairman: Lee Kun-hee
Industry Consumer electronics,
Products See Business areas.
Revenue $103.4 billion USD (2007) [1]
Operating income $18.2 billion USD (2007) [1]
Net income $21.5 billion USD (2007) [1]
Employees Over 138,000 (2007)
Parent Samsung Group
Subsidiaries Samsung Telecommunications


Samsung LCD TV for 2009

Samsung Luxia UNB7000 Series

Stepping down from the UNB8000 series is the Luxia UNB7000 these 3 models offer most of the same features as the 8000's but feature a 120Hz refresh rate instead of 240Hz.
Samsung UN55B7000, Samsung UN46B7000, Samsung UN40B7000

Samsung Luxia UNB6000 Series

The UNB6000 series from Samsung is their new "Eco-Friendly" line of LCDs. Samsung claims that these televisions are more than 40% more energy efficient than other LCDs in their category.
Samsung UN55B6000, Samsung UN46B6000, Samsung UN40B6000

2008/2009 Samsung LCD Models

Samsung Series 4 LCD

The LCD televisions in the Series 4 lineup are the entry level TVs for 2008/2009. The LN40A450 is the largest of the Series 4 TVs while the LN37A450, LN32A450, LN26A450 and LN22A450 round out the class. They all feature a piano black bezel, 720p/1080i resolutions and 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs. These televisions provide excellent price points and are built for the value minded consumer
Samsung LN22A450, Samsung LN26A450, Samsung LN32A450, Samsung LN37A550, Samsung LN40A450

Samsung Series 5 LCD

Stepping up from the Series 4 models the Series 5 LCDs offer full HD 1080p resolutions and larger sizes including the LN52A550 and LN46A550. For smaller space requirements the Series 5 features are also available on the LN40A550, LN37A550 and LN32A550. Offering all the features of the 4 series the 550s also have a hidden speaker to give it a sleek look, 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs (1 on the side) and a USB 2.0 input.
Samsung LN32A550, Samsung LN37A550, Samsung LN40A550, Samsung LN46A550, Samsung LN52A550

Samsung Series 6 LCD

Getting into the high end of the 2008/2009 Samsung LCD lineup we see the Series 6 LCDs. The red accent in the Touch of Color bezel adds a subtle bit of style to your viewing room while 120Hz Auto Motion Plus processing works to mitigate the motion lag problem inherent in all LCD panels. Available in 3 sizes including the 52 inch LN52A650 and the smaller but no less capable LN46A650, LN40A650 and LN32A650 include the features of the lower line models and add a 4ms response time, 178° view angle and 4 HDMI 1.3 inputs.
Samsung LN32A650, Samsung LN40A650, Samsung LN46A650, Samsung LN52A650

Samsung Series 7 LCD

Stepping up again from the Series 6 TVs we come to Samsung's Series 7 Lineup. Again available in three sizes the LN52A750, LN46A750 and LN40A750 offer all the features of the stellar 650 line and add many features for the networked home. DLNA compliant networking, USB 2.0, Infolink and 1GB flash memory storage are all wrapped up with the 120Hz, 1080p panel inside Samsung's red Touch of Color bezel.
Samsung LN40A750, Samsung LN46A750, Samsung LN52A750

Samsung Series 8 LCD

Packing the same feature set of the Series 7 LCDs and putting an extra USB port in a 1.9” deep frame gives us the Series 8 LCDs. Released later in 2008/2009 than the 7 series, the 8 series also features a new color available for Samsung's signature Touch of Color bezel. The LN46A850 and LN52A850 both feature the red Touch of Color bezel while the LN46A860 and LN52A860 come in the newer deep blue shade.
Samsung LN46A850, Samsung LN52A850, Samsung LN46A860, Samsung LN52A860

Samsung Series 9 LCD

The very top of the line for Samsung TV in 2008/2009 is the Series 9 LCD. The 55 inch LN55A950 and the LN46A950 contain all the features of the lower numbered series in a charcoal gray Touch of Color bezel. The most important feature to note about the LN55A950 and LN46A950 is the LED backlight in both Series 9 models. This feature should help give both TVs black levels, contrast and color accuracy to rival plasma televisions with all of LCDs normal benefits.
Samsung LN46A950, Samsung LN55A950

New from Samsung for 2009

Samsung Luxia UNB8000 Series

The UNB8000 is the top of the line LCD series from Samsung at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. These 2 LCDs feature 240Hz refresh rates, LED backlighting, internet connectivity and anti-glare screens in a nearly 1" deep frame.
Samsung UN55B8000, Samsung UN46B8000

Samsung LNB750 Series

The LNB750 Series is a CFL backlit series of 1080p, 240Hz LCDs with built in ehternet access to Samsung's Internet@TV.
Samsung LN52B750, Samsung LN46B750, Samsung LN40B750



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