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Samsung Series 7-8-9: the True Interactive TV

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Monday, 02 February 2009 22:11

With the newest Samsung LCD televisions the New Age of TV 2.0 begins.

The futuristic look fulfilling the most up-to-date estethic taste and the innovative technologies that improve the quality and the involvement for the user, who is now able to control information and interactive services are the main characteristics of the Samsung new LCD series.

Samsung introduces 3 new series that can interface with Internet and easily share contents and update them.

Samsung LCD TV Series 7 is released in 32, 40, 46 and 52 inches formats, while Series 8, with Ultra Thin design, 40, 46 and 52 inches. Series 9, the best set with technological performance at the leading edge, comes with 46 and 55 inches types.

Samsung LN46A950
It will not only be the interactive contents to capture the consumer looking for the best technological expression in TV, but a very accurate and exquisite design as well. 

Samsung LCD TV Series 7, 8 and 9, radically change the user experience. As a matter of fact, TV shifts from being a static entertainment center, to a true interactive entertainment station.

With a plain Ethernet connection, connected to the web through a net cable, the InfoLive service is accessible on the screen. This is possible because of the partnership between Samsung and Yahoo, the service broadcasts real time news using RSS feed technology.

A library with pre-loaded thematic contents will also be available: health, fitness, recipes, games, children tales and many more categories can easily be browsed thanks to the customized interactive menu and to an amazing intuitive graphic.

It is also possible to download the content updates and make a later use of them through the TV USB 2.0 . Multimedia contents such as video, images and music, have an easy access through the USB and are controlled by the TV remote, through the Wiselink interface.

DLNA is a software that when installed on a pc, can simultaneously broadcast the multimedia contents to all the TV sets in the house (Multi Room Solution).


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FredFF   | |2009-05-18 12:38:21
The Samsung\'s 120hz Dejudder has definitely improved from the
Samsung\'s 650 to their 850. No shaky 120hz movement.
Aniston   | |2009-05-18 12:43:07
Love the TV, still competitive, best picture I have seen anywhere, at any store,
at any price.
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