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Written by Jimmy Guille   
Monday, 29 December 2008 14:19
If you ask just about anyone to name a brand of TV they will undoubtedly say Sony first and now Sony LCD TV is about to further underscore Sony’s dominance in the TV market. Sony is like the Kleenex of the TV market and has become synonymous with TV. People often replace the word TV with Sony. Now with the explosion of LCD in the TV world Sony LCD TV is gaining the same kind of dominance as old school TV. Sony has dominated the TV market for the better part of fifty years and shows no sign of stopping. Consumers consider Sony the crème de le crème of TV sets and always have. It’s with good reason Sony LCD TV will continue its reign as the king of TV. Sony has always been known to be a company that builds superior equipment. Sony electronics last longer than just about any other electronics companies’ products in the world and so it is with their TVs and so it will be with their LCD TVs. Sony customers are amongst the most happy of electronics users. This longstanding trust with their customers keep them coming back whenever it is time to upgrade or switch to new technology. That is why Sony LCD TV will maintain TV market dominance. Keeping up and in most cases ahead of technological advances is the key to an electronics company’s success and Sony LCD TV products are a good example of that philosophy. Sony has always been on the cutting edge of electronics and when LCD started developing for consumer over 40 years ago, Sony was right there developing and perfecting their LCD technology. They are doing so just like they have done with TV technology from the very beginning of TV. Sony has always been ahead of the curve and it is a guarantee they always will be. Sony LCD TV choices offer a wide variety of types and sizes and are quickly solidifying their place in the TV market as the best LCD TVs available. Sony is often copied by competitors and you can bet it will be the same way with their LCD units. Consumers know they can’t go wrong with Sony LCD TV displays and trust they will get years of use from their Sony. Sony is the king of TV and always will be. When choosing a LCD TV go with the best buy, Sony LCD TV.
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ross f.   | |2010-04-21 10:52:23
i agree, SOny is definitely the best, theyre reliable, cheap and convenient!!
Although Samsung, Panasonic (my tv is panasonic) and LG are also great!
sam giggles   | |2010-04-22 10:58:41
Sony is good but some lcd and plasma tvs by Sony have problems with the audio,
thats some not all because I myself own a sony lcd tv and i love it!!
xtina   | |2010-05-18 11:36:37
especially plasmas of sony have sound troubles
Henry   | |2010-04-22 11:05:49
I would still have to say that Panasonic TVs are better for so many reasons:

They have a better sounding system,
- They display the picture better,
- They
last longer,
- They're cheaper.
edward f.   | |2010-05-18 10:49:58
thats right my man, theyre cheaper
Jenna   | |2010-04-27 23:49:52
Henry, sony is very good too and it offers the same exact things like panasonic!
CanadianWireless   | |2010-05-17 19:52:00
no, some sony models have problems with the audio, they dont put it out well
Yvette   | |2010-05-17 10:00:43
i have a lcd tv by sony and i like it soo muhc but the thing is that they are
abdullah   | |2010-05-17 10:17:17
i think that sony is best of all, my old tv was sony and i have it for 9 years!
i buy it when my son born and i have still the tv
bennett  - re:   | |2010-05-17 16:53:26
Henry wrote:
I would still have to say that Panasonic TVs are better for so many

- They have a better sounding system,
- They display the
picture better,
- They last longer,
- They're cheaper.  

actually you can say this about most tv manufacturers, what makes
panasonics better is that they offer very large and slim and big
tvs that produce a marvelous picture! thats the advantage of
Shiela Roarthon   | |2010-05-17 19:26:25
I don't think that is true, I think that Panasonic was the last to integrate all
those features, Sony and Samsung also offer the slimness and the large
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