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Today's Cloud Solutions Are Functional for Government Use and Here's Why

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Sunday, 23 December 2012 00:30

It's a recurring theme when you are looking at the interrelationship between the central mission of a business or organization and the functions that comprise it's technology and computer systems.

The integral ideas that run the business are seldom dependent on the knowledge making up things like internal file access sharing, workflow and logistics, IT security, and the emerging area of cloud computing data storage. These aspects can serve to make the central mission better and position it for more growth in the future where none might not have previously been possible.

That's why technology is so popular. Cloud solutions for data storage and sharing are growing in popularity because they have shown an ability to improve two facets of business operations and results that would not have been possible without it. This financial necessity is one reason that you can't foresee a future where the government won't be utilizing cloud cloud on a much larger scale than it currently is.

Cloud computing solutions vitiate the need for large and often unreliable servers and allow for increased scale and efficiency in storage and file management v. the amount of money spent. In short, when you are using cloud technology, you are on the side of what costs less actually becoming cheaper. So fiscal reality will eventually spearhead the expansion for use with the government.

The obvious block at this point is security because you have a server that is not on site with a cloud computing system. This is no small deal and the slowness of full acceptance of cloud is understandable. Classified social security, military, medical, and housing information depends on maintaining integrity in the system free from hackers and viruses which could serve to threaten the data.

Luckily the versatility and flexibility of the companies providing cloud options will allow for the government to get the advantage of cloud without fully ceding control over security. A popular choice among large corporations where the cloud has a private server component can also be used with government applications. Additionally the client can always maintain control in house over protections against insidious malware or viruses.

There are so many ways things can be set up that cloud solutions are no longer full of the generalized security concerns that were brought up often in the early days. Combined with the potential savings that some say could be in the 10s of billions annually for the Federal government, cloud is an area of growth in the industry going forward.

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