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Tuesday, 05 May 2009 13:26

Vizio, "Where Vision Meets Value", is a privately-held producer of consumer electronics, based in Irvine, California, USA. It was founded in October 2002 as V Inc.

Vizio currently produces a broad range of award winning LCD and plasma televisions, including the new XVT series. Amtran, a Taiwan-based company, is one of a number of investors in Vizio.

As of August 22, 2007, In 2007, VIZIO skyrocketed to the top by becoming the #1 selling brand of flat panel HDTVs in North America and became the first American brand in over a decade to lead major categories in U.S. TV sales, with 606,402 TVs sold in the second quarter of 2007, a 76% jump from the previous quarter. Its market share increased from 9.4% to 14.5%. In September 2008, Vizio started selling LCD TVs to Costco in Japan. In February 11, 2009, Vizio's co-founder Laynie Newsome announced that the company would stop manufacturing and selling plasma TVs and focus on selling LCD TVs. At the CES 2009 Vizio introduced a 240 Hz LED-backlit VF551XVT 55" LCD TV. Vizio has also started making other Audio/Video equipment such as High Definition Surround Sound Sound systems, LCD computer monitors and HDTV accessories. The company will release its first Blu-ray Disc player in April 2009.

The company started in 2002 with $600,000 and only three employees. In 2006 the revenue was estimated around $700 million, and in 2007 it was estimated to have exceeded $2 billion. Vizio is known for aggressively pricing their HDTVs against major competitors.

VIZIO has won numerous awards including a #1 ranking in the Inc. 500 for Top Companies in Computers and Electronics, Good Housekeeping's Best Big-Screens, CNET's Top 10 Holiday Gifts, PC World's Best Buy among others.

Type Private
Founded Costa Mesa, California, USA
Headquarters Irvine, California, USA
Key people William Wang, Founder / CEO
Industry Consumer electronics
Products AV Electronics; plasma and LCD TVs, HD Surround Sound systems, HDTV accessories, LCD computer monitors


2008/2009 Vizio LCD Models

Vizio XVT Series

The XVT series is Vizio's flagship LCD TV line. Referred to as the "Black Tie" series all these sets feature 1080p panels, 120Hz refresh rates and motion compensation technology for a smoother picture during fast action scenes. The 55 inch VF550XVT comes equipped with 5 HDMI ports, a gaming port, SRS TruSurround and TruVolume. The SV470XVT and SV420XVT both share the 120Hz refresh rate and TruSurround of the larger set but only have 4 HDMI inputs.
Vizio SV420XVT, Vizio SV470XVT, Vizio VF550XVT

Vizio VX Series

If you're looking for a budget priced LCD between 20 and 37 inches than the Vizio VX series of LCD TVs may be just what you are looking for. The VX37L, VX32L and VX20L offer two HDMI inputs and 720p resolutions. All of the VX LCDs have a black and silver bezel with a bottom mounted, v-shaped speaker.
Vizio VX20L, Vizio VX32L, Vizio VX37L

Vizio VW Series

The next up from the entry level line up from Vizio for 2008/2009 is the VW series. The VW22L, VW26L, VW32L and VW42L feature a 720p resolution while models designated "LF" such as the VW46LF and VW47LF offer a 1080p resolution. The two larger sets add an additional HDMI input jack for a total of 3.
Vizio VW22L, Vizio VW26L, Vizio VW32L, Vizio VW42L, Vizio VW46LF, Vizio VW47LF

Vizio VO Series

Stepping up from the VW line of televisions Vizio is offering the VO or "Evolution" line of LCD televisions. The VO47LF and VO42LF feature piano black bezels, 4 HDMI inputs and 1080p resolution while the smaller VO37L and VO32L have 3 HDMI inputs and 720p resolution. The VO22L is a 16:10 aspect ration 1680x1050 resolution set with only 2 HDMI inputs. The 22 inch model is more suited as a computer monitor in our opinion.
Vizio VO22L, Vizio VO32L, Vizio VO37L, Vizio VO42LF, Vizio VO47LF

Vizio VA Series

Vizio introduced this line of budget LCDs later in 2008/2009 and they fall somewhere in between the VX and VO series. The VA26L, VA22LF and VA19L all feature 720p resolutions, piano black bezels, 2 HDMI inputs and a 15 pin PC input.
Vizio VA19L, Vizio VA22LF, Vizio VA26L

Vizio VMM Series

The Vizio VMM26 is a monitor marketed specifically at gamers. It features a fast 3ms response time, 1920x1200 resolution, 2 HDMI inputs and 4 USB ports. This 26" monitor comes on a height adjustable stand and is encased in a piano black bezel with an all glass panel cover.
Vizio VMM26

New for 2009 from Vizio

Vizio VL and VT Series

The VL and VT series models feature Vizio's Smooth Motion II technology, their branding for a 120Hz refresh rate. Boasting a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, these LCDs should provide good black levels and work well in bright rooms. The claim is that the black levels will rival plasma but that remains to be seen.
Vizio 2009 Model Overview, Vizio VL320M, Vizio VL370M, Vizio VL420M, Vizio VL470M, Vizio VT420M, Vizio VT470M

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Mark  - Good TV but   | |2010-02-17 12:11:37
I had a Vizio LCD but one day the screen shows green pixelated spots where
shadows and dark areas should be and guess what all the technician can say is
change the mother board. That was a bit dissapointed
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